7 Stunning Eye Makeup Ideas For Date Night

Even if you’re not a big makeup wearer on a regular day, date nights are a special occasion! Sometimes it’s fun to get a little bit dressed up for a night out with someone new. You’ll look and feel great! Check out these great date night makeup looks that are much easier to do yourself than you’d think!

Light, well-blended foundation and natural matte colors on the eyes contrast well with strongly filled out brows and a dark lip. The overall effect is minimal but with standout features.

Most people putting on regular daytime makeup forget about their lower lashes in favor of boosting their top ones. For date night, however, applying mascara and some subtle liner to your lower lashes will frame your eyes and draw attention to them.

Silver on the lids, pearly white on the brow bone, and black shaded in from the outer corners along the crease is a great sultry look for date night. The effect is especially impressive with a black waterline, blended black lower liner, and a lush false lash.

#1 The Natural Eye Makeup Look

If you have bright blue eyes, neutral tones look stunning. There is no need to go heavy with bright colors to show off your sparkly eyes.  Earthy and neutral tones are striking and beautiful.  If you do want to wear vibrant colors, you can add a luscious red lipstick, which will brighten up your appearance.  Don’t be fooled by the basic color of the eyeshadow, trust us and try it.  You will be surprised and you will love the natural look.

#2 Black White Eyeliner

It is wedding season and summer, so no doubt you will be invited to many parties. If you are looking for something different and striking for blue eyes, take a look at this look.  By teaming black and white eyeliners, you will create a day-to-evening look that will look amazing throughout the day.  Make sure you add the white eyeliner to your bottom waterline to open up your eyes.  This is even a great look for festivals and just chilling on the beach!

#3 Pink Eye Makeup

Makeup artist Patrick Ta chose pink eye makeup to highlight Olivia Munn’s gorgeous green eyes. We like the monochromatic effect that resulted from matching her shadow with her blush and lipstick.

#4 Cat Eye Makeup Ideas

“This timeless, feminine look never goes out of style,” says makeup artist Brynn Thomas. To get the look, “draw a thin line from the inside corner of your top lash line to the end of your lashes,” instructs hair and makeup artist Gabby Gabbitas. “Make the end a little thicker and flick it out to create a triangle shape.”

“This look works best for brides with heavier upper eyelids or brides who are worried that their eyes might look too small,” says Thomas. “A thinner line leaves more of your eyelid exposed; add a highlighting shadow to open up your eye area.”

#5 The Seductive Eye

Did you ever know that eye makeup can be such a powerful tool that you can seduce somebody with it?  If not, then its time you experiment with the seductive eye look. It’s an ideal design for women who have simple yet expressive eyes. The glitter on your eyelids and the glamorous background looks very bright and sensuous.

#6 Smoky Eye

The red lip, contouring, the cat eye – all of these classic makeup looks hold a special place in our hearts. However, none of them make us feel as bold and brazen as the timeless smoky eye. For decades, this look has been embraced and utilized for those moments we need to give our faces some sultry oomph. The smoky eye is one of the toughest techniques to master.

#7 Shimmery Eye

Truth be told, we love anything that shines and sparkles—glitter is just so pretty to look at. This might explain why shimmery eye makeup will always be on trend and why we see it everywhere, from models on the runways during fashion week to our favorite celebrities on the red carpet. It’s also the perfect look for the holiday season. 

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